In our Dance in the Classroom Arts Integration Residencies, collaboration takes center stage. Students become co-creators of knowledge, working together to express concepts, ideas, and lessons through the universal language of dance. Watch as teamwork, creativity, and communication seamlessly merge curriculum with movement on the dance floor.

Penelope’s Odyssey

Grades 4-8 and 9-12

Classroom lessons, workshops and an offsite performance introduce students to the Greek epic, from a woman’s perspective. Large projections, fast choreography, and underwater dance draw middle schoolers and highschoolers alike into this 3,000-year-old classic.

The ancient Greeks deeply valued humanities, arts, and philosophy for their ability to inform and transform. Through myths they explained why we do what we do, and how we should ideally act. Their epics inspired people to think deeply. They still do. Study Guides available in Spanish and English.

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Privacy Settings

Grades 6-8

Students dig into the messages on social media, especially how these affect their personal lives and choices. They discuss topics like: Are all media messages made up? How do media messages shape our views? What are the commercial consequences of social media content? 

Finally, they create a multimedia presentation using movement, music and digital media, sharing their discoveries with classmates.

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Turning The Triangle

Grades 3-5

Using oversize protractors and their bodies, students learn about angles, polygons, and the like. 

Then they apply these concepts to their own bodies in motion – in an immersive, physical program involving turning, jumping, and walking in varied shapes. Students create dances for a final “info-rmance” thus acquainting themselves with patterns, symmetry, and hierarchy. A fun way to develop flexible thinking! Guest appearance by SPDC company dancers available to heighten the experience of live performance.

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