Partnering with Sonia Plumb Dance Company opens up a wealth of opportunities to engage in the exchange of knowledge where dance intersects with science, technology, mathematics, sociology, the humanities and more.

From webinars on Gender Roles in Ancient Greece to Lecture Demonstrations on Renaissance Humanism to interactive workshops on Neuro-Diversity, to pre-performance talk-backs with leading climate change experts, audiences and educators can expand their expertise, paving the way for future leaders, future makers and out-of-the-box creators.

Contact to find out how your school, business, non-profit  or venue can partner with us.

We are currently looking for partnerships on the following projects:

The Cure(d)

Neuro-Diversity in the workforce – going beyond the label for the ultimate break-out.

The Sound of Migration

Inspiring communities, connection and ecoactivism through the intersection of sound, projection, dance and artificial intelligence – learning from the past to create a new future.

Past Partnerships

The Pearl
Penelope’s Odyssey

The Odyssey

Digital Dance Project
Penelope’s Odyssey

Dance of da Vinci 2.0

Active Bodies/Active Minds for children and their families on the Autism spectrum.
Water Wars
Privacy Settings
Too Close to the Light

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