Our nationally acclaimed, award winning Arts Integration and Arts Experience programs infuse dance, movement, and creative expression with math, science, social studies, English and literature curriculum — making classrooms come alive for students and teachers alike. Experiences can include 2-5 day residencies, off-site performances, study guides, virtual learning, webinars and so much more.

Penelope’s Odyssey: Collegiate/University

Diving deep into the role of women in past and present cultures, Penelope’s Odyssey is a contemporary approach to a timeless and relevant myth of epic proportions. Students and faculty alike have the opportunity to experience this cultural event through a series of Master Classes, workshops, webinars and performances. Study Guides available. 

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Penelope’s Odyssey: Grades 8-12

Arts Infusion including in-classroom visits, workshops and an offsite performance provide high school students with an inspirational and exciting approach to The rom the women’s point of view.  Greek culture and mythology: The Greeks held and still do hold, deep belief in the value of the humanities, arts and philosophy to transform and inform. The myths are anchors for explaining how and why we humans act and behave the way we do, and how we are supposed to act and behave. The epic nature of “The Odyssey” is very much like the TV episodes of today that provide a through line to deeper understanding. Large-scale projections, fast paced choreography and underwater dance are an enticing introduction to this 3,000 year-old classic myth.

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Privacy Settings: Grades 6-8

Students dig into the messages on social media, especially how these affect their personal lives and choices. They discuss topics like: Are all media messages made up? How do media messages shape our views? What are the commercial consequences of social media content? 

Finally, they create a multimedia presentation using movement, music and digital media, sharing their discoveries with classmates. 

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