About Us

Sonia Plumb Dance Company is a critically acclaimed, contemporary modern dance company based in Hartford, Connecticut. With over 20+ years of experience in performing, dance training, arts integration, community engagement and outreach. Our collaborations with composers, videographers, puppeteers and educators span the globe. We are known for our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion – making the art of dance available and accessible to all. Jump in and find out what we are all about.



Vivid Choreography, Compelling Stories. Driven by collaborations with dancers, artists and actors, musicians, composers and videographers, poets, puppeteers and educators. Connecting humanity through the world of dance.

Penelope’s Odyssey

September 30 - October 3

Curving Into the Light at The Hill-Stead

September 17 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



The School of Sonia Plumb Dance Training Program offers a myriad of classes to prepare the young dancer for a career in dance. Classes include multi-levels of Contemporary, Ballet, Modern, Creative, and Cultural Infusion. Dancers can take electives in addition to the core classes such as FloorBarre Conditioning, Wellness Workshops and Digital Dance. Class sizes are limited so sign up early! Most classes are offered virtual and in-person.

Training Program

Junior Company




You will find some of the most exciting and innovative work being done in our studios – take a class in Contemporary or Belly dancing, sign up for a Limon Master Class, dance with your dad in a Family Dance series or create your own digital dance in our Contemporary Creations. If dance is involved, you will find a class here!






What does community mean to you? To us, it is the people we share our ideas and knowledge with, perform with, perform for, who educate us and whom we educate along the way. Our community is here in Hartford, New England and international. You can find our free and low cost community events in the parks, in the studio, at the libraries and on the virtual stage. Check back frequently for up to date community oriented events!



Our award winning arts integration curriculum is only one of the many offerings we provide for educators in elementary, middle, high-school and collegiate level classes. Your students can learn about geometry in Turning the Triangle, water molecules and the water cycle in Water Wonder, or explore digital privacy in Privacy Settings. Bring your students to us for student matinees with group rate discounts or visit us virtually – Study Guides and interactive Q&A’s provided. Contact education@soniaplumbdance.org for more information.


What your support means to us

Making dance requires money and time to pay the dancers, designers (costume, sound, projection), space rental for rehearsals. This all happens BEFORE the dancers set foot on stage to perform – or in these times of COVID behind the camera. Hundreds of creative man/woman hours are logged. Ticket prices, whether live or streaming, never fully cover the cost of creating dance. Please consider donating generously to ensure our dancers and team of creators are paid. We thank you from the bottom of our heart to the tips of our toes!


“Mystical, electrifying, sensuous and an aesthetic adventure.”

The Hartford Courant

Connect With Us

Dance is one of the most basic and  fun ways to connect with people – and we want to connect with you! Read our blogs, follow us on Instagram, like our FaceBook page and check out our YouTube and Vimeo channels for surprising new material and archived events.