In our Dance in the Classroom Arts Integration Residencies, collaboration takes center stage. Students become co-creators of knowledge, working together to express concepts, ideas, and lessons through the universal language of dance. Watch as teamwork, creativity, and communication seamlessly merge curriculum with movement on the dance floor.

Waves – Sound and Light

Grades 2-5

Students learn about vibration; how sound can travel through some objects but not others; how things are opaque, translucent, or transparent to light; how transparent things refract light, and all that. 

They ponder questions like “How can we use light and sound to express emotions and feelings?” “Why do some sounds irritate us while others soothe us?” “Why do some colors sadden while others gladden?”
They interpret age-appropriate stories, using movement, text, music, and lighting. We can add stage lighting to enhance the learning experience.

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Water Wonder

Grades PK-2, 3-5 & 6-8

What are the phases of water? What is the water cycle? What is ice? Snow? Rain? How do you use water? What are the seasons? Which animals live in the water?

Classes begin with a group discussion, followed by a physical warm-up. Students form small groups to create dance stories based on what they just learned. They study books and videos on water too.
Finally, their friends and family enjoy an info-rmance where they share their newfound knowledge.

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