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Bushnell Digital Dance


In the Fall of 2021, Ryan Glista of the Bushnell Digital Dance Project reached out to choreographer Sonia Plumb to create the first ever digital mapping performance for the Bushnell Performing Arts Center. Life size wooden arches were built to life-sized specification and moved carefully into Artistic Director/Choreographer Sonia Plumb’s backyard. There the dancers rehearsed for three weeks, experimenting with combinations and partnering before the arches (and the dancers!) were moved to the Bushnell stage. There the choreography was reset, filmed and then mapped to create a one-of-a-kind performance seen by tens of thousands audience goers as they waited in the Bushnell Lobby and near the Digital Screens in the Courtyard. 


Choreographer/Sonia Plumb
Director/Ryan Glista
Video Mapping/Alex Rouleau


Rachel Calebrese
Jaydin DeJesus
Savannah Jones
Julia Maranzano
Sonia Plumb
Brian Sims, Jr.


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