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The Odyssey


In just over 60 minutes, The Odyssey tells the trials and tribulations of the Greek hero Odysseus through modern dance, film, masks and an original rock ilk score. 

Choreography by Sonia Plumb, film by Helder Mira, original music by Cory Gabel, masks by David Regan and costumes by Gail Fresia. 

Love, loyalty and courage are tested as he travels home from the Trojan war, encountering the Sirens, Calypso, Poseidon, Cyclops and the Lotus-Eaters. He must use his wit and brains more than his brawn to save his men and return safely home to Ithaca and his wife, Penelope. 

A visual feast for the eyes and ears. Seven dancers play over thirty-five characters including Helios’ Cattle, Stick, Dung Pile and the Suitors. Running time approximately 75 minutes.

Performances include Study Guides to bring audiences up to speed on this 3,000 year old adventure and its relevance to current day society and culture and the trials we all face.

Premiered October 2 and 3, 2015, University of St. Joseph, West  Hartford, CT/USA, October 4 at The Kate, Old Saybrook, CT
Length of Performance: 60 minutes 
Number of Dancers: 7 

Interview with Professor Nina P./Connecticut College


Ensworth Charitable Foundation
Greater Hartford Arts Council
Mortensen Foundation
Edward C. & Ann T. Roberts Foundation
University of Saint Joseph

The Odyssey dance show was a beautiful performance. The dancers were able to tell a vivid story through the language of their bodies. I encourage students and educators alike to watch this performance.

T’Shaunna Walsh

I hope it is not too late. Here are a few quotes from students: The performance, “ The Odyssey” was very detailed. The performers expressed many details using their bodies. The body language and levels  were used to tell about Greek Mythology and the different stories

Cassandra Garriga

Sonia Plumb has dedicated all of her resources to modern dance and to arts in education.  Her commitment to inclusiveness overarches dance and education for over the past twenty-five years.  Her company has been the opportunity for young professional dancers to grow into their instrument and aesthetic. Her choreography and her accomplishment as a dancer of great spirit and spirituality has inspired over the years with works such as Odyssey.  It takes a very special commitment to art and community to be as viable and relevant today as in the inception of The Sonia Plumb Company.

Leslie Kimble Snow,
Director and Founder of Connecticut Young Artists and American Classics Repertory Company


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