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The Sound of Migration


The Sound of Migration Project is designed to energize eco-activism for climate change on a local and global level. Inspired by flora and fauna migrations, cultural dances, rituals and movement patterns from five distinct cultures and climates – Vermont, New York City, indigenous tribes of New Mexico, Asia Pacific/Hawaii and Iceland, , audiences and artists are asked “How do we bring the knowledge of the past to help us create a new future? We must first love where we are.”
This work-in-progress, expected to premiere in 2025, will combine dance, sound, projections and artificial intelligence as audiences migrate through three distinct spaces: proscenium stage, gallery and an immersive bubble (option for a small lecture hall).

The Sound of Migration Project (SoM) is designed to energize eco-activism for climate change on both a personal and community-based level, acknowledging that indigenous cultures and the economically disadvantaged are affected significantly more than their wealthier counterparts. SoM creatively addresses the need to create a more equitable and just society through community based performances and workshops.

Conceived in 2021, workshops began in November/December 2022 in Hartford, CT and New York City followed by research and development in Iceland in March 2023, with a seed grant from the New England Foundation for the Arts. Three sections of choreography are 99% complete, nine other sections have been outlined and/or works-hopped: Storm, Hush, SWARM, Oasis, Data Room 1, Data Room 2, Trembling, Home, Lava, Pueblo, Brace Yourself, and Seeds.

Artistic Team

Sonia Plumb/Choreographer and Director
Michael Wall/Composer
Jeph Vanger/Composer
Grant Speich/Cinematographer
Craig Gehr/Lighting Designer


Madeline Hall
Sarah McCarthy
Madison O’Hallaron
Erin Raymond
Daniel Rocha
Asher Taylor-Dawson
Robbie Weatherington



Initial support has been provided by the New England Foundation for the Arts and Connecticut Commission on the Arts.

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