Sonia Plumb

Founder, Artistic Director, Dancer & Choreographer

Artist statement: “I attribute my artistic style to a morphing of ideas, a constant seeking of, observing, learning, questioning and collaboration. I am a movement gatherer. My curiosity and thirst for knowledge leads me to work with educators, scientists, puppeteers, actors, musicians, singers, composers, videographers, photographers, digital artists, movers and dancers of diverse abilities. Within me is a never-ending desire for physical movement intertwined with the quiet stillness needed for process and reflection.”

Sonia Plumb was born and raised in rural Vermont. She moved to Hartford to attend Trinity College, where she received a BA in Theater & Dance. Sonia has choreographed 50+ dances during her career. She was the first artist in residence at the University of St. Joseph, West Hartford, CT and launched SPDC, as a nonprofit, in 1991.

She launched SPDC, as a nonprofit, in 1991. As Artistic Director of SPDC, Sonia has developed many programs for the underserved, ​​including Moving Bodies/Moving Bodies for children on the autism spectrum, an Apprentice Training Program for BIPOC and Hartford youth, a scholarship program for Hartford students age 7 & up, and arts integration residencies based on the Kennedy Center Model for Multiple Intelligences. She has also provided arts-based learning at Hartford’s public schools through Hartford Performs and collaborated with educators throughout Connecticut. She was the first artist in residence at the University of St. Joseph, West Hartford, CT.

During COVID-19 she successfully and safely premiered three full-length works: Dance of da Vinci 2.0, The Pearl and Penelope’s Odyssey. And created digital dances—Touch, Odysseus’ Nightmare and Little Red Snow White—as well as webinars and podcasts.

In 2018, she began collaborating with artists from UK, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Under her SPDC has been in residency at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Canada, MudHouse, Greece, and dance studio in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Her work has been showcased in A New Generation of Dance, SUNY Purchase; Southern Vermont Dance Festival, Brattleboro, VT; WaxWorks, Brooklyn, NY; Shared Space – Mark Morris Dance Group, Brooklyn, NY; Artists For World Peace, Old Saybrook, CT; numerous times in 5×5 Dance Festival, the Ted Hershey Dance and Music Marathon, New Dance/New Haven, Connecticut Choreographers’ Showcase, Arts & Ideas, SoHo Festival, OpSail New London, o name a few. Sonia received Connecticut Office of the Arts Fellowship for Artistic Excellence thrice, and a Surdna National Teaching Fellowship (2013), and was one of only nine artists nationwide to receive a Community Legacy Project award in 2015.

In 2022 she returned to Vermont to assist her aging parents. She often works hybrid, commuting to New York City and Connecticut continuing her commitment to reach underserved audiences whilst creating new dances. Sonia has one son, who continually brings depth and meaning to her life and work as an artist.

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