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Dance of da Vinci 2.0


Premiered July 31 – August 1, 2020 at the Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington, CT/USA
Length of Performance: 90 minutes with intermission
Number of Dancers: 8

A dance that takes flight from the pages of Leonardo da Vinici’s Notebooks.

Diving deep into The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, choreographer Sonia Plumb has created a masterpiece of movement with projections, original music and top-notch dancers. Eight dancers propel themselves through space and time in this exciting interpretation of Leonardo’s drawings and writings.  Leonardo — humanist, polymath, artist, inventor, engineer, observer of nature and movement. 500 years after his death and he is still an icon.

The Dance of da Vinci 2.0 is an original full-length dance inspired by the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci.  Choreographer Sonia Plumb explores the artist, inventor and the scientist’s relationship with Renaissance Humanism, a concept based on the beliefs that humans are limitless in their capacity for development if all knowledge is embraced, and that science and art are inextricably entwined.The 2.0 version includes additional research from Windsor Castle, refined choreography and fully realized projections. The Dance of da Vinci 2.0 premiered during the first pandemic summer, to an outside audience.

The Dance of da Vinci and The Dance of da Vinci 2.0  are designed to “put the STEAM in STEM.” This exciting work is part of SPDC’s award­-winning arts integration programs for classrooms.  Throughout the creative process, various themes from the work are explored, developed and infused into math and science curriculum for grades 6-12. All curriculum is designed in partnership with key educators to conform with Common Core, National, and State Arts Standards. SPDC delivers these programs through in-school residencies, with a strong focus on underserved audiences who lack access to arts education. To learn more and bring The Dance of da VinciTurning the Triangle to your classroom contact:

Artistic Team

Sonia Plumb / Director Choreographer
Craig Gehr / Lighting Design and Technical Director
Bryan Swormstedt / Projections
Chloe Trotta-Smith / Company Manager and Mask Enforcer


Katie Czyr Katherine Garcia Stacey Hazen Evelyn Ifiegbu Myles Langston Jessie Levin Chloe Markewich Olivia Passarelli Andy Santana JoJo Rodriguez

Education Team

Sean Cocco / Trinity College
Amy Lamenzo / Artist

This was our first performance attendance of this type and we were pleasantly impressed with both the troupe and the choreography. It was clear from the beginning the caliber of dancers is quite high though we knew nothing about them beforehand. We were increasingly drawn in as it progressed and we came away feeling fulfilled. It was truly a lovely performance, the dance, the music, the outdoor sunset evening, yes.

Anonymous from Survey

We found it amazing that the music, dancers, choreography were all drawn from Da Vinci's writings. Though we do not speak Italian it was not necessary. The emotion was so clearly the dance, it was so beautiful to watch. We felt it.

Anonymous from Survey

It was professional dancers’ interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci writings and drawings…with sky and summer sounds ..wonderful movements. And choreography… what athletes. costumes divine. I give it A plus.

Dolly Curtis


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Music and Dance with Composer Michael Wall
Appetite with Dancers Myles Hunter and William Roberson
Deconstructing da Vinci’s Notebooks with Sean Cocco and Sonia Plumb

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