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Dance of da Vinci


Premiered April 21/22, 2018 at the Bushnell Performing Arts Center, Hartford, CT/USA
Length of Performance: 90 minutes with intermission
Number of Dancers: 8

The Dance of da Vinci is an original full-length dance concert inspired by the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci. Choreographer Sonia Plumb explores the artist, inventor and the scientist’s relationship with Renaissance Humanism, a concept based on the beliefs that humans are limitless in their capacity for development if all knowledge is embraced, and that science and art are inextricably entwined.

The Dance of da Vinci is designed to “put the STEAM in STEM.” This exciting work is part of SPDC’s award­-winning arts integration programs for classrooms.  Throughout the creative process, various themes from the work are explored, developed and infused into math and science curriculum for grades 6-12. All curriculum is designed in partnership with key educators to conform with Common Core, National, and State Arts Standards. SPDC delivers these programs through in-school residencies, with a strong focus on underserved audiences who lack access to arts education. To learn more and bring The Dance of da VinciTurning the Triangle to your classroom contact:


Department of Economic and Community Development/Office of the Arts,
Greater Hartford Arts Council,
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving,
Marion Hoffman Foundation,
The Betty Knox Foundation,
William and Alice Mortensen Foundation,
Edward and Ann Roberts Foundation,
Janet and Michael Suisman Foundation

Congratulations on a wonderful performance. The best one yet.....It all came together gloriously...costumes, music, lites and of course the inspiration choreography! I wish I could have come back Sunday.

Susan Murphy/Professor – University of Saint Joseph

What a mesmerizing and compelling show! Your dancers looked beautiful and are fully committed- brilliant moments. Exhale now🌹🌹

Linda Burns/Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts


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