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Penelope’s Odyssey


Premiered February 9, 2023 at Castleton University, VT

In a time-bending tale of love, betrayal, courage and wisdom – eight dancers weave the tale of Penelope’s Odyssey in 75 minutes of seduction, backstabbing, power play, and disguise. Set to the music of Rising Appalachia and original music by Greek composer Jeph Vanger, including projections of Penelope’s Home Videos filmed in Greece – underwater, in the mountains and in the ruins, audiences experience this timeless tale through Penelope’s eyes as she takes control of the madness in her ‘home.’ This contemporary version speaks volumes about gender roles, societal norms and women’s voices, and dives into the themes of romance, betrayal, single motherhood, despair, faith, courage and loyalty. Inspired by Homer’s  3000 – year old epic poem.

CAST OF CHARACTERS 2023 Castleton University

Penelope/Sonia Plumb
Odysseus/Robbie Weatherington
Telemachus/Asher Taylor-Dawson
Suitor/Alexzander Larson
Athena/Tatyana Johnson
Poseidon/Robbie Weatherington
Maid/Julia Foti
Servant/Erin Raymond

CAST OF CHARACTERS 2022 Columns Dance and Wellness Centre

Penelope/Sonia Plumb
Odysseus/Luca Villa
Telemachus/Asher Taylor-Dawson
Suitor/Alexzander Larson
Athena/Tatyana Johnson
Poseidon/Luas Villa
Maid/Tory McBrien
Servant/Erin Raymond

CAST OF CHARACTERS Part 1 2021 CREC Academy of the Arts, Hartford, CT

Penelope/Sonia Plumb
Suitor/Alexzander Larson
Athena/Julia Maranzano
Poseidon/Brian Syms, Jr.
Maid/Colby Connolly
Servant/Rachel Calabrese

Original Choreography Developed in 2020

Suitor/JoJo Rodriguez
Athena/Jessie Levin
Poseidon/Mark Willis
Maid/Katie Garcia
Telemachus/Andy Santana

Many thanks to the following organizations for their support of Penelope’s Odyssey: CT Humanities, CT Office of the Arts/DECD, Greater Hartford Arts Council, Maximilian E. & Marion O Hoffman Foundation, Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation, Travelers Relief Fund, Scott B. Franklin & Associates, Attorneys at Law, New England Foundation for the Arts, City of Hartford, CT Cultural Fund with additional in-kind support from the Wadsworth Athaneum, Trinity College, UMass Amherst and Capital Community College.

Artistic Team

Sonia Plumb / Director Choreographer
Jeph Vanger / Composer
Ryan Glista / Video Editor and Director
Mariv Piva / Video Editor
Gino Costabile / Set Design
Rising Appalachia / Recorded Music
Craig Gehr / Lighting Design and Technical Director

Education Team

Vincent Tomasso / Trinity College
Lauren Caldwell / UMass Amherst
Jeff Partridge / Capital Community College



Penelope’s Odyssey Trailer 2023
Penelope’s Odyssey Part 1 Trailer 2022

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